Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in applying for services, you can call 330-675-2179 or email and we will help you start the process.

To use our services or attend workshops and/or hiring events, there are no income levels.
If you are interested in funding for school or other supportive services, you must be under 200% of the federal poverty level for your household size.

A Dislocated worker is someone who lost their job due to no fault of their own.

Our staff is here to help you proactively facilitate setting and achieving informed decisions about your education and career goals. Our purpose is to help you stabilize your life and develop goals that focus on what YOU want to achieve. We are here to help you problem solve and be a sounding board to help support you along your path to success. .

You can get resume help on or by contacting our center and a worker can assist you.

Please visit for apprenticeships.

Yes, we can help you with this in our Resource Room.

You can search for work at or watch our website and social media sites for the latest job postings in our county.

If you are in the last two years of school and attending school for an in-demand job, we can help you pay for your schooling. Contact us for more information.