Young adults ages 14- 24 can participate in Work Experience Program as part of their CCMEP Plan. We place qualified applicants at a local job site and pay them to work and acquire basic job skills that will help to qualify them for future jobs. In-school youth may only participate during summer break. Out-of-school youth may participate year-round.

Our incentives program motivates students to pursue academic excellence throughout the school year. Qualified applicants can receive monetary rewards at the end of each grading period for achievements, including maintaining a 2.0 GPA or missing three or fewer school days per grade period.

CCEMP Can pay for a portion of your driver’s education course.

CCMEP career specialists and OhioMeansJobs center staff can help participants create their first resume or update an existing resume to emphasize their best skills, experience, and qualifications.

CCMEP can assist you in purchasing clothing for an interview, up to $500 in clothing for a new job, and work boots and uniforms. We can also assist you in purchasing needed supplies for work and college.