Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan

The purpose of this plan is to assess transportation needs of underserved populations that include persons with disabilities, minorities, limited English proficiency, seniors and low income persons; identify current transportation services (public and private); identify gaps; and to recommend strategies to reduce and eliminate gaps and improve transportation services.

The Coordinated Plan guides funding and service development for transportation projects supporting older adults, people with disabilities and individuals with low incomes.

Please tell us about your transportation needs by taking a few minutes to complete and submit your survey responses.

The deadline for completing the survey is March 26, 2021.

The online link to the English version of the survey is:

The online link to the Spanish version of the survey is:

Welcome to Trumbull County...

Trumbull County, the county seat, located in Warren, Ohio, consists of a combination of both urban and rural communities situated in the northeast corner of Ohio. It is situated roughly between the Youngstown, Cleveland and Akron corridors. It was established on July 10, 1800, serving as the seventh county in the northwest territory. It is named after Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of Connecticut, who once owned the land in this region. The County's population is approximately 197,974.

The county has a total area of 625 square miles. It is the only square county in the entire State of Ohio with each side being approximately 25 miles. Trumbull County consists of seven cities: Cortland, Girard, Hubbard, Newton Falls, Niles, Warren, Youngstown and five villages: Lordstown, McDonald, Orangeville, West Farmington, and Yankee Lake.

In the downtown area you will find unique shopping boutiques, jewelers and a variety of restaurants. Also, you will find many new and historical buildings both in the downtown area and surrounding townships.