What is eRecording?

Electronic Document Recording (eRecording) is a method of delivering and returning documents electronically from a submitter’s office to the recorder. eRecording can be an option for Title Companies, Law Firms, Banks, and other businesses that record documents on a regular basis today. The actual recording of the document is still done by the recorder in their software system. Recorded documents are returned electronically.

Benefits of eRecording:

  • eRecording helps to reduce the time from submission to return of documents, from 3-5 working days to within minutes or hours of the initial submission.

  • Save time, money and resources normally spent on document packaging, delivery and return.

  • Reduce rejections and document & payment errors.

  • No cutting and processing checks. Payment of recording & eRecording fees is handled electronically.

  • Enhance document tracking & security.

  • Helps with industry best practice compliance.


Getting Started:

By contacting a trusted eRecording vendor (below) you can have your office quickly setup to electronically submit documents to our office.

ePN (eRecording Partners Network)     
Phone: (888) 325-3365                

Indecomm Global Services
Phone: (877) 272-5250

Phone: (800) 460-5657  

CSC eRecording Solutions
Phone: (866) 652-0111


If you have questions about how eRecording works or would like more information, please contact the Trumbull County Recorder's Office at 330.675.2401