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Public Records Request

If you are in need of 911 records, this includes cad sheets and audio recordings, the following instructions are required to make a public records request from Trumbull County 911:

  1. Public records requests cannot be made in person and should be to be emailed to us at 911supervisor@co.Trumbull.Oh.Us with “public records request” in the subject field.
  2. For your convenience, you can use your smart phone camera to take a picture of the QR code at the bottom of this page to email us your request.
  3. Please include the dates, times and which type or types of 911 record(s) you are requesting and how many of them if there are more than one.
  4. Public records requests are handled by the Trumbull County 911 assistant director / operations coordinator, Mon-Fri 8a-4p and are done so in the timeliest manor possible as administrational operations and time allows. They will be emailed to you at that time.

If there are any questions about, or problems in fulfilling your request, we will contact you back at the email address you used to make the public records request. Thank you for your cooperation!