Modifying the Child Support Order

What if my income or the income of the other party has changed, either upward or downward, or a combination of the two; can my support order be changed? It is possible. You may make a request for a review with the CSEA. If the CSEA finds that the criteria as outlined by Ohio law is present in the case, the CSEA will contact both parties, usually within 30 days or less from the time of the request to review. The CSEA will ask that the parties submit certain information to the CSEA within 60 days (sooner if both parties waive the 60 day period via an enclosed waiver form). Based on that information, the CSEA will then determine if, under Ohio law, the support in that case should be modified, either upwards or downwards, or if no modification should be made. In the alternative, you may file a motion with the court requesting that the support be modified.

If I disagree with the recommendation of the CSEA, may I object? Yes. If you disagree, you may timely request an administrative hearing. The request form should be included with the CSEA recommendation. This hearing will be conducted by a hearing officer for the CSEA. The hearing will usually be scheduled within 30 days or less from the time the request for an administrative hearing is made. The hearing officer will consider the information previously submitted plus any other evidence brought before him or her as a result of the hearing. The hearing officer will then issue his or her own independent Administrative Order outlining what the he or she believes should be done in this matter. A decision will be issued and mailed to each party within 14 days or less from the time of the administrative hearing.

If I disagree with the hearing officer, may I request a court hearing? Yes. If you disagree with the Administrative Order issued by the hearing officer, you may timely request a court hearing. A form should be included with the Administrative Order. The court will then schedule a court date in accordance with its calendar and docket time.