Trumbull County Sanitary Engineers' Engineering Department is responsible for all aspects of the County's water and sewer lines. This department can be broken down into three main areas: Drafting, Inspection, and Service Investigation.

Drafting is responsible for issuing sanitary sewer and water permits. All sanitary sewer and waterline extensions are drafted using AutoCAD 2015 and entered into the County's record drawings. Sanitary sewer lateral information derived from inspections are also entered into the record drawings. Sanitary sewer and water permits are issued from the Drafting Department. Sanitary sewer permits are based on the type of building and the hydraulic loading capacity. Water permits have a set fee based on meter size and water district.

Inspection is responsible for inspecting the construction of new sanitary sewer and water lines, sanitary sewer laterals, and repairs to the sewer and water lines.

The Service Investigator verifies sewer and water connections from Billing Office records. Sanitary sewer and water billing payments and records of County residents and businesses are continually reviewed by the Service Investigator.