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Notification System (WENS)

Monthly test of Trumbull County emergency alert system is the 1st Saturday of each month at noon

The Trumbull County EMA is happy to introduce a new tool for the residents of Trumbull County in order to always remain "Weather Aware"

We have partnered with WENS technology in order to bring you the most up to date severe weather warnings that may affect our county. We have chosen to only provide weather "warnings" at this time for the fear of residents becoming complacent if they receive notifications constantly.

In addition to the severe weather alerts ,you will have the option to sign up for alerts for your local city, village or township. These alerts will be for items such as road closures, boil alerts, or evacuation procedures in the case of an emergency. Each community will have the ability to send out notifications in the near future.

Please use the QR code listed or visit https: // to sign up to receive emergency notifications on your cell phone, home phone or email. As always feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.