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Effective 03/16/2020 Trumbull County Department of Job and Family Services began allowing PRC applications to be submitted online.

For Job & Family Services:

All customers are encouraged to utilize our telephone systems (330-675-2000) that we have available, as well as our online application processes ( We are also asking that all customers mail in any pertinent documentation or drop it off in our drop boxes.

Apply for a PRC online during the Pandemic:

1. Apply at T CAP for Heap Assistance during HEAP season

2. Provide verification of either an approval or denial for Heap Assistance from T CAP

3. Verify a payment was made on the utility in the last 60 days that equals PIPP amount or current montly charge

4. Provide verification of a shut off notice

5. Verify current 30 day income

6. Interview needs to be conducted within 5 days of the application.


Complete the chart below for anyone in your home, including yourself. You are required to verify all income (earned and unearned) for all members of your household.

If you are applying as non-custodial parent responsible for the support of minor children, list those children below.

I, , acknowledge all information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Any misrepresentation of information could result in benefits being repaid.