Our Mission

At the Trumbull County Human Resources Department, we are committed to fostering a work environment that attracts, motivates, and retains a diverse and talented workforce. Our mission aligns with Trumbull County's core principles, strategies, and vision, ensuring fairness, respect, and equality for all employees. We are dedicated to developing, implementing, and supporting programs and processes that add significant value to the Trumbull County Board of Commissioners, elected officials, and all county employees.

What We Do

Our department coordinates and directs human resources activities for departments under the Board of County Commissioners and provides services to other Elected Officials' departments upon request. Our key activities include:

  • Labor Negotiations and Contract Administration: Managing labor relations with fairness and effectiveness.
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Other Employment Services: Overseeing recruitment and hiring processes to attract top talent.
  • Employee Benefits: Administering a comprehensive range of benefits.
  • Equal Opportunity Compliance: Ensuring adherence to equal opportunity laws and regulations.
  • Personnel Policy and Procedures: Providing technical advice on policies and procedures.

Meet Our Team

Alexandra DeVengencie-Bush, HR Director, MPA, SHRM-CP

Alexandra steps into the role of HR Director, bringing a wealth of experience from Trumbull County administration and a Master of Public Administration (MPA). With her deep understanding of Trumbull County operations and public service dynamics, she is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the public sector. Her experience with Trumbull County has honed her skills in policy development, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning, providing her with a nuanced understanding of public sector management. These skills are crucial for understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by county employees.

In her new role, Alexandra is dedicated to utilizing her knowledge of county systems to streamline HR processes, improve employee relations, and cultivate a positive work environment. She is particularly focused on employing her experience to bridge the gap between administrative strategies and employee needs, ensuring a cohesive and supportive workplace. Additionally, Alexandra is committed to collaborating with other departments to achieve organizational goals, recognizing that interdepartmental cooperation is key to fostering a unified and effective public service.

Email: Alexandra.Devengencie-Bush@co.trumbull.oh.us
Phone: (330) 675-2589

Rebecca Smith, HR Executive Assistant

Rebecca is an essential part of the Human Resources team, assisting the Director in the daily operations of the department. With expertise in healthcare, life insurance, FMLA, and billing processes, Rebecca ensures smooth administrative functioning. Rebecca is proficient in managing personnel files, EEOC reporting, and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), playing a key role in maintaining employee relations and upholding departmental standards.

Email: HRSmith@co.trumbull.oh.us
Phone: (330) 675-7853

Courtney Hatt, HR Coordinator, MBA-HRM

Courtney Hatt, with her MBA in Human Resource Management, is a vital member of the HR team, coordinating essential operations. Her areas of focus include managing workers' comp, overseeing property and liability insurance in line with CORSA, and administering the AFSCME Care Plan. Courtney is skilled in handling PERRP data, providing insightful HR research, and drafting professional correspondences and memos, contributing significantly to the department's efficiency.

Email: Courtney.Hatt@co.trumbull.oh.us
Phone: (330) 675-2460