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Preliminary Finding of No Significant Impact To All Interested Citizens, Organizations, and Government Agencies Trumbull County State Road Phase 2 Sanitary Sewer Improvements

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The purchasing department is responsible for identifying common goods and services used throughout Trumbull County and putting together formal and informal bid requests that will be awarded by the Trumbull County Commissioners.

For agencies and departments not under the County Commissioners Contracting and/or Appropriating Authority, a spirit of cooperation and coordination will be pursued. This will further benefit economy of scale discount levels being obtained through total quantity usage.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Purchasing Department is to provide cost effectiveness and accountability in the manner in which goods and services are acquired with public funds.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To buy the right material of the right quality in the proper quantity at the right time from the proper source.

  2. To conserve public funds through reduction in cost and improvement in the quality of materials purchased.

  3. To reduce the volume and streamline the flow of paperwork.

  4. To promote a system of material consolidation and standardization throughout the County in order that better goods and services at a minimum cost may be secured for all agencies.

  5. To improve the speed of delivery to agencies by predetermining through contracts or other appropriate means the sources of supply before an actual need for the particular material in question becomes known.

  6. To bring the sources of supply as geographically close to the point of use of materials as is consistent with economical purchasing through contracts or other means.