Trumbull County Administration Building...

160 High Street N.W.
Warren, Ohio 44481

In 1999-2000, Trumbull County was able to completely renovate a 37,500 square foot, 32 year old County AdministrPhoto of Trumbull County Administration Building.ation Building.

A new building "envelope" replaced the original glass and precast concrete wall structure with a new brick veneer, insulated cavity walls, and windows. The thermal efficiency and aesthetics of the building were substantially improved.

The completely renovated interior included the redesign of all departments to provide improved circulation and operating efficiency for current operations. State-of-the art data, communication, and power distribution, including fiber and cat.5 cabling to all workstations from the central computer room in the Data Processing Department.

Demolition of the outdated and inefficient HVAC system and installation of new roof mounted equipment provided additional floor space on each floor and freed up approximately 2,000 square feet of basement floor space for county use. Other improvements included new handicapped accessible restrooms; new floors, ceiling, and wall finish; modernized elevator controls, reusing existing cab, shafts, and motors; and new security and alarm systems.

The first floor of the administration building currently houses the County Title Department, which is responsible for the issuance, recording and transfer of all county motor vehicle and boat titles. Also, on this floor, is the County Recorder's Office, which records and transfers all county real estate documents.

Located on the second floor you will find the Treasurer's Office with the responsibilities of collecting all county monies. The Auditor's office, which is the fiscal office of the county, can also be found on the second floor. All property ownerships and descriptions are filed in the Auditor's office along with house trailer registration.

The IS/Telecommunications Department is located on the third floor. This department handles the computer system for the entire county along with the county telephone system. The Tax Map Department and Personal Property Department, which both fall under the Auditor's office, are also located on this floor. Tax Map is responsible for compiling all taxing districts on maps. Personal Property handles vendors licenses, cigarette licenses, and dog licenses as well as the filing and assessment of taxable business property.

The fourth floor contains the Prosecutor's Office. The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney handles the prosecution of all major crimes, acts as legal representative of the county, the townships, the county school boards and all county agencies.

The offices of the Trumbull County Commissioners are located on the fifth floor along with the commissioner's hearing room. Also, you will find the Human Resource Department, which handles employment, insurance, worker's compensation, and any other issues involving employees in the workplace. The Clerk of Courts also has an office on this floor with the responsibility of issuing passports.